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Christmas 2006

Christmas this year was great! This year we had the family party at our new home. We had maybe 20 guests and it was a blast. We played Dance Dance Revolution, Gamecube games, and ate lots and lots of food! There were appatizers such as bread and dips, chips, and crackers. The main courses were also delicious; there was a Seafood Pot, Pork Roast, Salmon, and many more. Everyone had an exciting time as we opened the gifts and played the Gift Exchange in the living room. We all enjoyed the time with family and friends.

Thanksgiving 2006

Thanksgiving this year was a blast! Mom made a big 'ol turkey and we invited 5 guests and they also had lots of fun. The food was extraordinary, there was roasted garlic mashed patatoes, cramberry sauce, stuffing, and even more to accompany the turkey. We played Dance Dance Revolution after eating (not right away after!) and watched some soccer before eating. We were very thankful for this great feast!